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Debunking misconceptions about career conversations

In the workplace, conversations about career development and performance are crucial for employee growth, engagement, retention and organizational success.  However, there are common misconceptions that…

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Upskilling leaders in career conversations

Why is upskilling leaders in career conversations so essential? In today's professional landscape, the need for continuous learning and development is more critical than ever. …

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Blueprint for being a trustworthy leader

Trust is the baseplate upon which strong relationships, high performing teams, and successful organisations are built. (Lencioni, P. M. (2002). The five dysfunctions of a…

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What do Einstein and coaching have in common?

Einstein apparently said "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it", suggesting that in order to solve a problem…

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Break The Bias

International Women's Day 2022 has come and gone and it was interesting to observe the focus of the #BreakTheBias events, who attended them and the…

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9 Top Tips for Acing Video Interviews

With more and more commercial and government organisations moving toward utilising video technology in recruitment, here’s our 9 top tips for success in the virtual…

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Proceed with caution

As a career practitioner, I have mixed feelings about this announcement.  Reducing the cost burden to the individual on learning and increasing the number of…

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It’s good business to offer career coaching to your employees

Career management is the conscious planning of activities and engagements in the jobs a person undertakes during their life for personal/professional fulfilment, growth and financial…

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Networks for Job Search Success

The secret to a great job search A Labour Market Information Portal report released today provided interesting data on where the demand for staff remains…

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