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Flourish – Build your leadership voice and bring genuine diversity to your workforce

Women’s participation at senior levels has been shown to improve business performance. Yet many organisations still struggle to support and sustain genuine diversity at the highest levels.

Our Flourish Women Leaders program is designed to address this imbalance by supporting women to step up, be heard and make a bigger impact as leaders.  And in doing so, enhance their organisation’s performance.

But it’s not just women’s work.  Recognising the critical role that allies play, the program also equips workplace allies with advanced strategies and skills to build more respectful, safe and inclusive workplaces.  

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More women in key decision-making positions delivers better company performance, greater productivity and greater profitability.

Gender Equity Insight Series 2020, Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Empowering WA’s women leaders is a team effort

As accredited career and leadership coaches with over two decades of combined coaching experience, we know that existing and aspirational women leaders need more support. Our unparalleled women's leadership development program, Flourish, is designed to provide it.

Strategic Career Management has partnered with the exceptional Deanna Cooney, somatic speaking coach, actor, voice coach, WAAPA performance instructor, voice over professional and TV presenter, to deliver our transformational program. If you’re a woman in business, Flourish will inspire you to step into your leadership voice.

Meet our Flourish
Women Leaders

Helen Holan

Helen Holan

Leadership and Career Coach since 2008

About Helen
Kendal Drew

Kendal Drew

Leadership and Career Coach since 2014

About Kendal

Deanna Cooney

Actor and
WAAPA impact coach

About Deanna

Hi Helen, Thank you for an illuminating couple of days. You, Kendal and Deanna are excellent facilitators, keeping everyone on track whilst providing each workshop participant an opportunity for expression.

AB – Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

I had such a great time at last week’s workshop, it was a wonderful opportunity to set the groundwork on who we are and articulate our individual value propositions. I was telling Kendal, I’ve tried doing [x & y] activities in the past but nothing really ‘clicked’ until we did them last week.

SB – Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

I really enjoyed the workshop last week (it was amazing 😊) and looking forward to the first masterclass next week.

RR – Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

Hi Helen, Kendal and De, Thank you for a wonderful couple of days. I’ve learnt so much! Looking forward to the next workshop already.

CG – Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

Hi Helen, Just wanted to say, great start to the program! I got a lot out of the first two days.

EB – Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

I’ve had the opportunity to lean into my strengths, practice, grow and build fantastic relationships with other people.

AR- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

I’m stretching myself by turning off the advice giving and turning on the listening.

SUE- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

When I was a child I learned that I needed to be a man to be heard and seen. That was my reality for quite a long time. I have learned that I can demand more attention by being vulnerable and honest with my audience.

SUZIE- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

Having a community of women bringing their authentic selves has been incredible for me.

KATE- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

This program has helped me realise who I am as a leader and I put everything in it’s right spot. I have clarity and I now believe in myself.

PN- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

I look at myself in the mirror and I can’t see what others see. This course has helped me to look at myself objectively. It’s allowed me to step back a little bit and consider what sort of leader I want to be. I have a clarity of vision.

BG- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

Really enjoyed that this course focused on our attributes and our values rather than stripping us of everything we are and building unrealistic models of leadership.

LUCY- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

This has been nothing short of a life-changing program for me. The vulnerability that is encouraged and embraced in the program is amazing. All the ladies that participated gave it their all.

PN- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2023

“I loved participating in this program because it gave me tools to feel more self-confident and realize that I’m doing a good job as a leader. I also enjoyed meeting other women and appreciated their diversity. The speakers were supportive and I loved it.”

SK- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

“I feel more aligne, organized and clear about my goals and direction. Looking forward to the masterclasses. Thank you.”

EB- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

“The course was fantastic. I enjoyed the diversity of voices and stories, the challenges, the reassurance through exercises and tools, especially about my voice and presence in space.”

DB- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

“The workshop was amazing, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and it’s been very interactive. Loved the activities and I’m looking forward to the upcoming master classes.”

KM- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

“I’ve really enjoyed the program so far – it’s been an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone. It’s been a bit challenging but I’ve come with an open mind and I’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge already and tools that I’m looking forward to putting into practice.”

DM- Flourish Women Leaders Program Participant 2022

Is our Flourish Women Leaders program for you?

Our program is ideal for you if you’re a woman in business who is successful, ambitious, and admired by colleagues and superiors. You might also be:

A new manager ready to define your authentic leadership style and voice

A mid-level manager with ambition to go further but you don’t feel fully equipped with the necessary tools or even know what’s missing

An executive leader who wants to hone your leadership voice and extend your influence in high-level meetings

Our Flourish Women Leaders program is like nothing you’ve experienced before in WA. It has been created to help you:

  • Step into your leadership voice and confidently hold your place at the table
  • Operate with an authentic leadership presence
  • Bring genuine diversity to the conversation within your organisation and industry
  • Develop and deliver the full potential of your value
  • Blaze a trail for others
  • Grow a strong female leadership pipeline within your organisation
Let’s chat about Flourish

That was amazing. It’s so rare to have a workshop that delivers exactly what we’ve asked for.

HR Manager – Perth

Thank you for an authentic and genuine workshop. Well worth attending if you are looking at both self-development and professional development.

Workshop participant – Perth

I want to thank Helen, Kendal and De for sharing their tips and for making it really actionable for us. I've attended lots of different courses but this program in particular gave us steps that we could take on, make our own and action in the workplace and in life in general. The approach was really wholesome.

LF (Flourish 2023 participant)

Such great facilitators. I have learned so much and have so much to take away. You do an amazing job. Thank you!

SB (Flourish 2023 participant)

I want to thank Kendal, Helen and De for running such a fantastic course. I didn't realise until today how much week by week I was being pushed a little bit out of my comfort zone. I've been more vulnerable and open than I'm used to being. It's been quite a fantastic experience for me so thank you!

LJ (Flourish 2023 participant)

I've had the opportunity to attend a number of different leadership programs and the Flourish program has given me so much more than the technical content I've got before.

AR (Flourish 2023 participant)

De, Kendal and Helen ran an amazing course! It's very challenging but you can really infill some amazing answers into any questions you have regarding leadership and self-development. I found it enlightening and touching because you meet some amazing people as well. It's definitely worth all the time and effort. Highly recommend.

ST (Flourish 2023 participant)

I've really had the opportunity to find my leadership voice, which is what I intended to do when I applied to come to the program. It's been fabulous!

AR (Flourish 2023 participant)

I want to express my gratitude. Really thoughtful exercises; different and challenging. It touched me a lot and I had a good time.

PV (Flourish 2023 participant)

I just want to express my extreme gratitude to Helen for allowing me to come on this course in the first place. You've encouraged me no end in my journey, and you'll never know how much you've provided me. So thank you, Helen.

SB (Flourish 2023 participant)

This programme has helped me bring a sense of calm to talking in front of an audience, which is something I never would have done before.

Sue (Flourish 2023 participant)

It's been an amazing journey of self-discovery. Through this program I learned to be me; to be vulnerable and to bring a more authentic leadership style to my personal and professional life. As a leader I've learned to be more curious; to listen. My whole team dynamic has changed - we have grown and we have more open dialogue and just recently we had some amazing feedback and that went to the leadership team. I feel happy and comfortable to turn up at work every day and be me.

Lisa (Flourish 2023 participant)

"This two-day workshop provided a deep insight into my current skill set, strengths, and values. It helped me focus on areas of growth to set solid goals for my personal and professional life."

Sasha (Flourish 2022 participant)

"The last couple of days have been a reflective opportunity for me. It allowed me to step out of my day-to-day work and think about who I am as a leader and what I want to achieve."

CM (Flourish 2022 participant)

"It's been a fantastic two days exploring and learning about myself. I loved every bit of it. The workshop brought awareness to what I have inside me, which I've been hiding. I appreciate taking this step to educate and empower myself so that I can be myself as a leader."

FC (Flourish 2022 participant)

"I enjoyed the workshop as it was a supportive, safe, and fun environment to reflect alone and with others. Looking forward to consolidating my personal self and my work self and getting clarity on my goals going forward."

SB (Flourish 2022 participant)

"I came here to learn how to lead and find my voice. I've already learned a lot, and I'm excited to apply it when I go back."

AB (Flourish 2022 participant)

"I've learned a lot about myself in the past few days. It highlighted my strengths and areas for growth. I gained a lot of practical tools relevant to my work and personal life. I'm so grateful for these tools and eager to apply them."

SAJ (Flourish 2022 participant)

"This program changed my mindset from 'I can't' to 'I can', and by the end of it, I believe by the end of this program it will be 'I'm doing it'. Thank you."

VB (Flourish 2022 participant)

"The course has been an awakening experience and has given me many practical tools to benefit from when applied."

LP (Flourish 2022 participant)

What to expect from Flourish Leadership Voice for women

Flourish Women Leaders program is more than a women’s leadership development program. It’s an ongoing support system where you can establish your leadership model, communicate authentically and deliver the full benefits of diversity in thought and style.

Join us for a 2-day intensive to establish a grounded connection with yourself and elevate your voice. You will leave feeling empowered to lead, influence and be heard.

Results and behavioural change are cemented by practice. Follow up small group coaching masterclasses over 3 months will help you build on your learnings, grow your networks and confidence.

Join us for our ground-breaking, informative, and engaging program where you will learn how to:

  • Build confidence and define your authentic leadership model

  • Build strategies to communicate with impact and influence

  • Hone your leadership voice and speak with conviction

  • Strengthen your professional brand and your networks

  • Understand how others see you – their perception is your reality

  • Encourage and support your peers – acknowledge difficulties, and celebrate successes

Achieve genuine gender diversity in a supported framework.

According to research by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency,* women comprise 47.2% of all employed persons in Australia. On average, an increase in female representation by 10% or more leads to an increase in an entity’s market value of between 4.9% and 6.6%. Plus, there’s a 6–13% increase in the likelihood of outperforming in the sector on three or more metrics. The research also shows:

  • Women hold only 14.6% of chair positions and 28.1% of directorships.
  • Women represent 18.3% of CEOs and 32.5% of key management personnel.
  • 30.2% of boards and governing bodies have no female directors – by contrast, only 0.4% have no male directors.

*Gender Equality Insights 2020 – Delivering the Business Outcomes

We’re changing these statistics, one woman at a time

Join us and be part of the change. Our unique Flourish Women Leaders program supports and empowers women by highlighting their authentic leadership approach and providing tools to elevate their voice. Flourish offers a genuine pathway to progress gender equality in your workplace.

Contact us today to discover more about our outstanding program for existing and rising female leaders.

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