Team Development Programs

team development programs

Effective, tailored, and measurable team development

Great teams make great business! Strong teams, and positive behaviours strengthen team performance. That’s why organisations that are committed to being the best that they can be invest in developing their teams.

Using a tailored approach, and range of methodologies and tools, our team development programs offer a framework to build accountable, collaborative, high performing team cultures.

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Building strength through vulnerability.

Helen Holan

Results-focused team development programs

Strategic Career management uses multiple methodologies to deliver measurable success.

Our programs target:

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Development Program

Helen Holan

Helen Holan

Leadership and Career Coach since 2008

About Helen
Kendal Drew

Kendal Drew

Leadership and Career Coach since 2014

About Kendal

Helen has provided us with a number of workshops and assessments now, providing a wonderful insight into what it actually means to have a growth mindset and the opportunity for us to contribute within our team. We value the key points and other materials provided for us to review and keep us on track. We find the workshops to be both professionally and personally meaningful for our team and have no hesitation recommending Helen to other organisations.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you [Helen] and Kendal for all of your time and effort in facilitating the team workshop series for [our organisation]. I consider that the workshop series has been very successful and met our goals. I found your professionalism and considered/adaptable approach key to the success of the workshops. You challenged us all to think more laterally and realise that we can all take more action, with less emailing! A key outcome of the workshop series is an action list for each team. Each team has met on these actions and we will continue following up on them.

Government Client

A stakeholder centred approach to achieving success

Our team development programs are ideal for teams where there is:

High commitment – team members display a willingness to make sincere effort to change

High potential – Team members have a personal stake in the success of the group

Mission focus – Clarity of vision and commitment to get there faster and more effectively

Being vulnerable together is the only way a team can become invulnerable.

Daniel Coyle

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Our team development programs are created to:

  • Improve high functioning teams
  • Focus teams to achieve critical goals and deadlines
  • Address dysfunctional behaviours
  • Improve collaboration between interdependent teams
  • Set newly formed teams off to a good start
  • Offer a cost and time efficient approach to building high performance teams

What to expect from our Team Development programs

Our programs blend group workshops, regular team coaching and ongoing reviews. Stakeholder involvement and progress measurement are key features of all our team development programs.

Throughout this transformative program your teams will:

  • Obtain a realistic view on how they are perceived

  • Uncover any blind spots in their leadership performance

  • Identify genuine changes they will improve performance

  • Receive feedback from co-workers

  • Assess how they are tracking

  • Measure behaviour changes and performance shifts

Increase team performance

Close the gap between where the team is and where the team needs to be.

If your organisation wants high performing teams who understand how to increases their effectiveness, we can help.

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