Transition to

People are living and working longer than ever before. So, the new challenge is knowing how you can sustain a longer working life and transition to a fulfilling retirement.

Reflect and plan to ensure you REFIRE
when you retire.

Research shows that if you plan and proactively approach your transition to retirement, you are likely to be more satisfied than if you don’t plan.

Planning beyond work

There’s more to retirement happiness than money.

In fact, financial security is just one factor in determining a satisfying retirement. Other considerations include values, family, purpose, meaning, community, leisure, health, relationships, personal growth and contribution.

Finding the right balance to ensure a fulfilling retirement is easier with Transition to Retirement coaching because it helps you:

How Strategic Career Management supports you

Our Transition to Retirement counselling helps you:

  • Reflect on your career story
  • Consider changes to relationship dynamics
  • Create your retirement ‘wish list’
  • Understand your work-centered identity & how this might change
  • Explore new ways to measure success and gain meaning and satisfaction
  • Identify potential challenges & hurdles
  • Clarify your values and priorities & uncover unrealized dreams
  • Identify and plan new activities
  • Develop and implement a personal action plan

Planning an active retirement is likely to lead to a longer, happier, healthier life

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