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Career Counselling

Strategic Career Management has achieved fantastic outcomes for their clients, sharing their knowledge of good practice with others and delivering evidence-based practice.

CDAA – 2021 Award for Excellence (Judges comments)

Good morning Kendal, Thank you for meeting with me around a year ago now. The discussion we had was very insightful and I tell everyone I can how great you are. In this year I took your advice, I’ve not made any decisions quickly. I’m still working as a physiotherapist, but I’ve decided to go to university to study masters in teaching next year. It’s such a proud moment for me when I can say I’m prioritising my happiness in an occupation rather than searching for pay rises thinking that’ll solve the problem. Thank you again so much, being at a cross roads with my career has been so stressful as it feels like all I identify with is no longer me anymore. It was so valuable to have you counsel me through it as you looked at my situation objectively. Have a lovely day! And keep changing peoples lives for the better! Thank you


Dear Kendal, .... Thank you again for our session as it really confirmed what I had been thinking and gave me the confidence to recognise my abilities and what I could offer... I am very excited about next year .... Thank you for your help again as I often revisit the notes from our session and they reaffirm all of my values and goals and keep me on the right track.


Dear Kendal.  After a couple of weeks of research into different careers I narrowed down my choice to one.  Having the information about my personality and  also some future careers made my searching a lot easier as I was able to really focus on my strengths.  Using the reports I was easily able to narrow down my choices in a future career.  Again, I would like to thank you for the meeting as I found it to be very helpful for my future.

Adrian, Perth

Hi Kendal, thank you for our coaching session and follow up resources.  As a result of your assistance I was able to break down, assess and confidently decide on my future career direction, resulting in my acceptance this week into an MBA, coupled with the early stages of setting up a promising business with a trusted colleague.  These two opportunities are incredibly exciting and I am thrilled to be on this new path.  Your coaching and counseling was essential in this process, and I utilised all of your unbiased advice, processes and tools to make a clear and confident set of decisions.  I thank you greatly for your help.

SY, Perth

Hi Kendal, Thank you very much for your assistance and advice.  It was useful to spend the time with you focusing just on me and my needs.  It is something that I haven't done for a long time, and made me realise how important it is to stop and reflect, not only on the job but on other areas of life.

PS, Perth

Hi Kendal.  Thank you again for all your help and guidance.  When I came to see you I couldn't make my mind on anything.  Now if you asked me how satisfied I was with the direction I was heading with my career choice, it would be 10/10.

Sam, Perth

Hi Helen, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for your coaching, it really helped me and completely changed my life for the better.  I now love my life because I'm not dreading eachc and every day!

Jessie, Perth

Dear Helen.  Both my father and I greatly appreciate the help you have given me and I thank you for the follow up information.  Thank you for your career guidance and I will not hesitate to contact  you in the future or refer you to anyone I come across.

Aaron, Perth

Hey Kendal Thank you so much for the session and for following up with this email. It was lovely meeting you. I have definitely got inspiration and insight to move forward with. Thank you very very much for everything. I will definitely let you know how I am going and what I decide to do moving forward.


Thank you so much. It was only with professionalism and moral support that I persevered through the process. I am so fortunate to have had the privilege of having you as my career consultant. Your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is both exemplary and inspirational. Thank you, Kendal.


Dear Kendal, I had a career counselling session with you just over a year ago. I simply wanted to email to say thank you - that session, one year later, has impacted me greatly. I think more than anything what you did most for me during our meeting was dispel a lot of doubts - it wasn’t so much figuring out what I wanted, but that I could do that very thing. You were incredibly positive and open-minded, and encouraged me to speak with a professor that I looked up to about pursuing a PhD. I did that, and I am actually currently enrolled in the [course], with that very professor as my supervisor. I am so happy with the choice, and so grateful that you made me feel like it was possible, instead of settling for teaching, which I really didn’t want to do. Anyway, it just feels important to me to say thank you to you, as it was that meeting and your words which gave me the perspective and the confidence to pursue what I am so lucky to be doing now.


We engaged Helen to provide an initial Career Insights Program for all staff, followed by a Career Development Coaching Program for senior staff over a six month period. All staff provided feedback that they found the programs beneficial and a worthwhile experience. Of particular value was Helen’s ability to align business goals with personal drivers in a logical and encouraging manner to maximise staff potential. Benefits our staff experienced included improved productivity, greater time management and more effective lines of communication. Helen is very professional, knowledgeable and efficient in her assessment and feedback, while also friendly and approachable. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen’s programs to other organisations and will continue to work with Helen to build on the positive results so far.

GF (Managing Director)

Kendal has coached me through a challenging transition in my career. Her strategic approach has enabled me to evaluate opportunities, clarify goals and implement them into realistic outcomes. Kendal applies a consistent and transparent approach to coaching in times where there were many uncertainties in my career path. She is resilient and patient when circumstances for me were confusing and stressful. Kendal clearly thrives on challenging coaching sessions and I wholly recommend her coaching expertise to candidates at any stage of their career. She is commercially rounded in her perspective and therefore realistic in sharing her vision of another’s capabilities.


With my sincere heart, I would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with me. The discussions we had gave me comfort, hope, and courage to move on with my career with clarity. Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom and helping me navigate towards a successful career. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent with me in counselling. The test to indicate my interests and personality gave me hope and a clear direction for how to proceed in my situation. Thank you for your patient guidance! In future If I need any assistance or any guidance I would love to contact you.


Hi Kendal Thanks so much for sending this through.  I can’t tell you how valuable the session was.  Definitely very useful insights.  Plenty for me to think about and work on.  I feel much rejuvenated and inspired.  I will certainly reach out again if I get stuck.


What a difference a conversation makes. You have given me confirmation and clarity. Thank you. Now I can take practical and purposeful steps forward...


Through Helen’s expertise, experience and knowledge in her profession, she has provided me with the coaching and tools to get my career and work-place performance back on track.


Dear Kendal, ...THANK YOU for the documents. I have an action plan! Thanks to you....I am grateful for taking the plunge in seeing you. The session with you has been helpful as it provided insight to my own capabilities that otherwise I dismissed it as something I just do. I really like your gentle, warm with a twist of challenge approach. ...


It was a great pleasure meeting you on Friday for the career coaching session at Perkins. Your insights were extremely valuable and had a strong impact on myself, the view I have for my my career as well as the actions I have in place to achieve that view. I sincerely hope there will be more opportunities to discuss the above with you and get your invaluable advice on this. ... Thank you again for your time and support.


Morning Helen. I want to thank you for your guidance yesterday, I am truly surprised how insightful our discussion was. I walked way with some clarification that I really needed. I have some planning to do and am a lot more enthusiastic about my future.

JN (Aug 2020)

Thank you for your advice, it was gold. I had people seeking me out saying I’ve been told I need to speak to you [name]. ???? I had a great time, putting into practice everything you mentioned and how to say it. I was blown away by the response and have made some invaluable contacts, including ex-ministers that want to have a chat.


Leadership Coaching

Helen Holan is an excellent coach. She has an ability to cut through to the real issues and is compassionate, understanding and relentless in her commitment to you facing and resolving them. Helen brings a breadth of practical tools and techniques that can be easily applied in the workplace to achieve tangible results. In just a few sessions with Helen, I was able to turn around a long running situation in my workplace and I received a promotion as a result. Highly recommended.

MB – Executive Coaching Client

Dear Kendal: Thank you very much for your help and company in the past few months, which has greatly helped me to improve my ability in self cognition, emotion management, conflict management, decision-making, etc. I will benefit a lot for my future career development. Your step-by-step and patient guidance is impressive. At the same time, your erudite knowledge has made me have a strong interest in management, helping me to sum up, and even perfect notes let me learn the rigor of doing things in detail. Thank you again for your accompany, help me grow up, thank you for your tolerance. Keep in touch. Welcome to China and Shanghai. Thank you



Thank you to both Helen and Kendal for an authentic and genuine workshop. Well worth attending if you are looking at both self-development and professional development.

Workshop Participant

Helen has provided us with a number of workshops and assessments now, providing a wonderful insight into what it actually means to have a growth mindset and the opportunity for us to contribute within our team. We value the key points and other materials provided for us to review and keep us on track. We find the workshops to be both professionally and personally meaningful for our team and have no hesitation recommending Helen to other organisations.


We partnered with Kendal and Helen to run a one-day workshop on Emotional Intelligence and a Growth Mindset in December 2018. With their combined knowledge and personality, they delivered a workshop that was authentic and genuine. Attendees left the workshop with numerous practical tips, tools and advice to enable both self and professional development. They definitely hit the mark as we had attendees wishing the workshop ran longer. So thank you Kendal and Helen, it was a pleasure working with the both of you!

Women Leaders Institute

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you [Helen] and Kendal for all of your time and effort in facilitating the team workshop series for [our organisation]. I consider that the workshop series has been very successful and met our goals. I found your professionalism and considered/adaptable approach key to the success of the workshops. You challenged us all to think more laterally and realise that we can all take more action, with less emailing! A key outcome of the workshop series is an action list for each team. Each team has met on these actions and we will continue following up on them. By joining in on some of the workshops and from the senior leaders workshop, I gained valuable insights for my operations role.

Government Client

Strategic Career Management continues to assist the Women Leaders Institute and its Leadership Summit series’ participants to keep pace with the changing face of leadership through interactive workshop forums. Strategic Career Management’s holistic approach to leadership provides inspiration, evolution and opportunities for rising stars and future leaders alike.

Women Leaders Institute 2019

I liked the balance between activity and theory/talking.

Workshop Participant

Kendal and Helen were always challenging ideas and suggestions (loved that)

Workshop Participant

Great to have two facilitators - makes the presentation very dynamic

Workshop Participant

Informative, fun and relatable.

Workshop Participant

Good mix of activities and information

AR, Mining Engineer

Capable, amicable and professional facilitators.

Workshop Participant

Very engaging and energy levels were maintained throughout.

CB, Superintendent

You guys were awesome!

Workshop Participant

Different style, different insights. Personal, very self-reflective.

AH, Assistant Superintendent

Great for developing insight

KP, Advisor Culture & Development

Created a good environment for safe discussion around leadership challenges

EW, Projects Specialist

Hands-on and very interactive. Learnings around self management and influence.

NP, Vice President Human Resources

Presenters know their stuff.

Workshop Participant

Interview Skills Training

Thanks again for our productive session and this follow up. I’m very happy to say that I was successful in my interview and will be starting [medical specialist] training in Feb 2021! I feel that our session helped give me the confidence that I needed to back myself in the stressful interview. It also helped me frame my thinking about how to approach preparation. This was very valuable advice to have, and I am glad that I was told to get in touch after my interview last year.


I wish to thank you for the positive contribution in preparing me for the interview, you really did help my interview technique, which allowed me to perform at my best. These are lessons I will remember for always.

LP, Mining Professional

Hi Helen. I have some exciting news... I got the job! The interview went really well and they said I was the standout applicant. They asked a lot of questions which you had prepared me for so thank you once again! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know needing help with their resume or interview coaching.


Three offers in 24 hrs! I am sooo thrilled! Thank you so much for the coaching, and for giving me the confidence to just be myself. I was actually shocked at the way I was able to deliver the information once I was just calm, relaxed and myself. The story-telling approach is what worked for me!


Hi Kendal, Hope you’re well. Just want to let you know I passed my interview for the WA Police!! Thanks so much for all of your help. You made me feel so confident with my stories. Couldn’t thank you enough...

Perth Client

Hi Kendal, I hope you are doing well. Just want to share with you that I recently got permanent role with our department. Thank you so much for coaching and helping me update my resume and criteria. I received very good feedback on my application (and apparently I did really well at the interview). Thank you again.


Job Search / Career Transition Coaching

G'Day Helen.  Just a quick one to let you know I had some success with my resume and picked up a full time plant operator position with [Company X] and will be able to start  Cert III Building and Construction.  The first thing the interviewer commented on was how professional my resume looked!  I ended up applying for 5 jobs and have heard back from 4 about an interview. So thanks again for helping me out.


Hi Helen. Thanks so much, you were an immense help during my job search journey! I’ve been in the role almost 6 months now and enjoying the new industry.


Hi Kendal. Thank you for your advice, it was gold. I had people seeking me out saying I’ve been told I need to speak to you. I had a great time, putting into practice everything you mentioned and how to say it. I was blown away by the response and have made some invaluable contacts.


My session with Helen provided clarity around how to proceed for with my career choices. Helen was very honest and insightful in her feedback and provided a very useful report to enable me to rework my CV, LinkedIn and job search process to provide me with a stronger proposition to prospective employers. The changes to my application process enabled me to get shortlisted on my next application. Thank you for your time and guidance


Thanks Helen, could not have got this role without the help that you provided. After seeing you and tweaking my resume and cover letter, I sent out my applications and got multiple interviews and offers. Turning down job offers is not something I’ve experienced before!


Hi Kendal!!! I have THE BEST news!!! ...I was offered a role at Company X !!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so excited. And I wanted to drop you an email to say thanks. The guidance you offered in our sessions was just so valuable!!! I could not have gotten here without your help! I’ve recommended you to so many people in my network!!!


Hi Kendal, I hope you are doing well. Just want to share with you that I recently got permanent role with our department. Thank you so much for coaching and helping me update my resume and criteria. I received very good feedback on my application (and apparently I did really well at the interview). Thank you again.


Resume & LinkedIn Writing

Thank you. The CV is great and I am so pleased with the outcome. You did a terrific job and I am very grateful.


Hi Helen. Thank you very much for your help. Your skill in transforming my technical ramblings into a succinct resume and LinkedIn profile is impressive. The real proof of the pudding is recommending you to my wife.


I am absolutely happy with the result of my two CVs as well as the way Victoria was handling it. She is very reliable and was always there when I needed her. She is highly professional and clearly has an expertise in her field. She understood me quickly and was very good at bringing certain topics to the point - was really impressed. She boosted my self-confidence in getting out there again and giving it a try with my applications!


Online Career Programs

My strengths and skills became clearer as well as my understanding of my personality and preferences. I gained more confidence in my abilities having discovered my transferable skills and what I have to offer an employer. In addition I am also aware of developmental areas which is key to growth. Further, I created a new resume which I can adapt as necessary to specific jobs. The program gave me a sense of empowerment.

Ignite Participant

The assessments were particularly useful in creating a better understanding of self whilst posing interesting questions for further self analysis i.e an individual may not think to consider their preference for type of organisation or it’s culture. In addition the tailored articles allowed for further reading and gave me an insight into an employers perspective, what they look for and how to align myself as a match for their needs.

Ignite Participant

I loved that the program was a one-stop-shop for all things career related, reducing time and effort searching online. It was clear, well categorised and logically flowed from discovery, learning, to actions and results. I like that it allowed for action planning, resume and cover letter creation, tracked your progress and saved documents. It has broad appeal to different users both within an organisation and those seeking to gain employment. I believe that it gives the user a sense of being in control of their career and perhaps lessens their reliance on the employer leading the way.

Ignite Client

The program is very easy to navigate.

Ignite Participant

I found the whole program of value.

Ignite Participant

Thank you for the opportunity to use your Ignite program. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the application and found it to be most helpful.

Ignite Participant

I love the Ignite resources, when I started looking through, I was gobsmacked at how much valuable information and tools were inside. Thank you for this access.

AH (Aug 2020)