Leadership Development Programs

leadership development programs

Effective, tailored, and measurable leadership development

Strong leadership and positive behaviours strengthen an organisation’s performance. That’s why organisations that are committed to being the best they can be invest widely in developing their leaders.

Using a tailored approach and a range of methodologies and tools, our Leadership Development programs offer a framework to achieve an aligned leadership culture.

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The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the leader adjusts the sails.

John Maxwell

Results-focused leadership development programs

Strategic Career Management uses multiple methodologies with solid reputations for delivering measurable success.

Our programs target:

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Development Program

Helen Holan

Helen Holan

Leadership and Career Coach since 2008

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Kendal Drew

Kendal Drew

Leadership and Career Coach since 2014

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Who you think you are now has no bearing on who you could be.

Ronni Kahn

Thoughts without actions are useless.

Naomi Simson

Who you think you are now has no bearing on who you could be.

Ronni Kahn

A holistic approach to leadership development

Our tailored programs focus on addressing your main leadership culture and behavioural issues. They are ideal for your leaders if you are seeking to:

Adopt a unified approach to leadership aimed at creating and maintaining an enhanced, consistent workplace culture

Demonstrate an overt commitment to leadership development that involves stakeholders in the program

Measure the impact of leadership development throughout your organisation and for the individual leaders participating in the program

Our Leadership Development programs are created to help your leaders:

  • Understand how they are perceived by their co-workers and other stakeholders
  • Identify leadership growth areas that align with the needs of your organisation
  • Effect genuine change that has a positive impact on co-workers and other stakeholders
  • Deliver more than 2X greater impact on overall organisational growth
  • Demonstrate measurably more effective leadership
  • Harness their unique contribution and improve your workplace culture

What to expect from our Leadership Development programs

Our programs blend group work and regular 1:1 tailored coaching. Ongoing stakeholder involvement and progress measurement are key features of all our leadership development programs.

Throughout this transformative program your organisation’s leaders will learn how to:

  • Obtain a realistic view on how they are perceived by co-workers

  • Uncover any blind spots in their leadership performance

  • Identify the genuine changes they can make that will improve their performance

  • Receive honest feedback from chosen co-workers

  • Assess how they are tracking as they progress through the program

  • Measure their behaviour changes and performance shifts

Achieve an aligned leadership culture

95% of leaders who involved co-workers in their leadership development measurably improved in their leadership effectiveness
Based on a GCG study of 11,000+ leaders across 4 continents

If your organisation wants aligned leaders who understand how to target what matters to improve performance, we can help.

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