What do Einstein and coaching have in common?

Einstein apparently said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”, suggesting that in order to solve a problem we often need to shift our perspective, gain new insights, or elevate our awareness.   If there ever was a good argument for the value of coaching, this is it.  Working with a leadership or career coach helps deliver:

  • Fresh perspective to help you see your challenges in a new light
  • Improved self-awareness so you are more conscious of your own thought patterns, beliefs, behaviours and biases and how they are supporting vs hindering your progress
  • Clarity and congruency – coaches are great at helping you make sense of things and reducing cognitive dissonance
  • Support to consider what you want to achieve and why, to better understand your own motivations and desires and set meaningful and achievable goals
  • The opportunity to build new skills, knowledge, and strategies to enable you to approach problems from a more informed, capable and evolved standpoint
  • Decision making support to help you navigate complex situations with greater clarity and objectivity
  • Feedback, guidance and accountability support to help you refine strategies and avoid slipping back into old habits
  • Support and encouragement to overcome emotional obstacles and maintain a more positive and helpful mindset

It’s easy to see why so many organisations and individuals are now investing in coaching.  Coaching is such an effective way to identify and transcend current limitations and perspectives so you can solve problems with greater ease.  Who wouldn’t want that?!