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Soft Skills for Career Success – Part 2 – Focus on Values

In our last blog, we looked at the importance of recognizing your Employability Skills in identifying careers and articulating your value proposition in new roles. …

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Soft Skills for Career Success: Part 1 – Employability Skills

When we coach clients through a career change or job search, they will often focus heavily on their technical skills and experience while neglecting to…

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On Helping a Bird

It’s interesting how we can find metaphors for career counselling everywhere… I was leaving my father’s house after our weekly dinner gathering in early January…

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How to Tell Good Career Advice From Bad

Article originally posted on What's the worst piece of career advice you've ever been given? For two friends of mine, it was "don't ever…

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The 5 Steps to Making a Career Change Decision

Like any major life decision, deciding what you want to do (next) in your career can feel incredibly daunting. Whether you’re just entering the job…

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Ghostbusting Jobseekers Could Gain Edge on Competitors

Article originally posted in The West Australian newspaper. The term ghosting is becoming increasingly applicable in the Australian job market, with a study by recruitment…

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I Love The Beach

I love the beach (and career counselling)! Swimming is my thing.  It maintains my mental and physical health and I do it all year round. …

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Women in Leadership in Mining & Resources

Raising female economic participation by 25% would add a potential $7.5 trillion to the global GDP and it is well documented that diversified teams have…

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Stay in Touch With Each Other at Work

Article originally posted in The West Australian newspaper. Reducing reliance on digital collaboration can drive positive workplace cultures, according to Strategic Career Management Director and…

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