On Helping a Bird

It’s interesting how we can find metaphors for career counselling everywhere…

I was leaving my father’s house after our weekly dinner gathering in early January and the vast flock of corellas was settling noisily down for the night in the trees in the part opposite.  Then something flew by my head.  At first, I thought it was a piece of rubbish but when it landed above me on a low hanging branch, I realized it was a wiero (cockatiel)!  It was beautiful – white and grey pearl and very tame.

She must have been mixing it with the big guys for a while – but was out of her depth and seemed to want something else.

We were easily able to get her down from the tree – she seemed to be inviting the contact – and I bought her home.

We cleaned out a disused cage and set her up for the night with some food and water.  She was delightful the way she called as we left the room and enjoyed sitting on our hands.

I’d have been keen to keep her, as she was an absolute joy, but my son suggested that we place an advertisement in the local lost and found group to see if we could find her owner.

The following night, after work, that’s just what I did.  Low and behold, within 45 minutes Ariel’s original owner had made contact.  It turned out that Ariel had been missing since early October last year – three months in total!

We were able to return her to her owner and she spent the night sleeping on her chest, just like the old days!

As I was reflecting on these strange events, that brought Arial to me and then saw her returned to her owner, I realized it’s pretty much the same process that we use with our career counselling clients.

First, the client – motivated for change – finds us.  We listen, ask questions and encourage them to feel comfortable and be brave.  Then we support them, dig a little and work with them to uncover their ideal role or direction and we help them identify the best path toward their goals.

It’s a bit of a midwifing service, with the career consultant as the conduit through which the magic happens.

I felt really pleased to be able to reconnect Ariel with her loving owner and it’s the same feeling I enjoy with each and every client I work with.

If you’re feeling lost and tracking with the wrong crowd, consider making contact with our career counsellors.  We’d love to help you uncover your right path toward a career and role that is satisfying and where your strengths and talents will be valued.