Ghostbusting Jobseekers Could Gain Edge on Competitors

The term ghosting is becoming increasingly applicable in the Australian job market, with a study by recruitment company Robert Half showing the practice affects both jobseekers and hiring managers.

A term more frequently associated with online dating, ghosting refers to the practice of a party cutting off contact without explanation. In a recent survey, Robert Half found the top three frustrations for Australian job seekers were slow feedback (53 per cent), delayed decision- making (46 per cent) and poor communication from hiring managers (44 per cent) –traits which fall into the ghosting realm.

I Love The Beach

I love the beach (and career counselling)! Swimming is my thing.  It maintains my mental and physical health and I do it all year round.  Never in a pool, mind you – it only works for me if it’s in the ocean.

While taking the plunge recently, it struck me how a visit to the beach in Winter can be a little like approaching a career change.

Stay in Touch With Each Other at Work

Reducing reliance on digital collaboration can drive positive workplace cultures, according to Strategic Career Management Director and Lead Career Strategist Kendal Drew.

“I think companies should look at how they communicate – not just through information and communications technology services and technology-based approaches, but make a return to picking up a telephone or face-to-face contact a priority within work teams,” Ms Drew said.

Many Ways to Effectively Reward Hardworking Employees

WHEN it comes to rewarding loyal employees, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, according to Career Consultant Kendal Drew.

“It is important for employers to understand what drives their employees’ performance,” she said. “Is it doing worthy work? Is it about status, job title or a high salary? Being valued for their effort? Rewarding time in lieu? Or something else?“An astute employer will respond to those drivers first in understanding and getting to know each staff member, identifying what’s relevant to each and applying them accordingly.”

Conflict Resolution - From The Soccer Field to The Office

Junior soccer - it’s only a game right? The children are there to have fun, keep fit and learn what it is to be a good sport. Only sometimes parents forget and this time last year, it all got rather out of hand. Not in a “Call the police" type of way, but certainly in a reportable incident type of way. It was a fresh and sunny early morning and two all-girl teams were gently battling it out on the pitch.

Cruising on the lazy (career) river?

In the last school holidays I found myself taking a collection of children to the local swimming pool for some fun on the water slides and in the lazy river. Ahhh, the lazy river, where the only thing you have to do is keep your head above water and go with the flow. It's easy. No need to think or make any deliberate moves. Just cruise and see where it takes you. If you see something along the way that takes your fancy, swim sideways and pause for a while, then jump back in. The river is in charge of what you experience and where you go. Easy!