Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching transforms individual and organisational engagement and performance.

Our coaches bring courageous conversations, penetrating insight and unwavering support to help you define your growth areas and develop an action plan with concrete goals and measures for success.

Reach out for a deserved performance boost. Future proof your career and improve the quality of your life.

Leadership Coaching: What is it?

Leadership coaching uncovers blind spots, challenges you to push past where you normally stop and encourages you to bring your best thinking to the role.

Leadership coaching transforms the quality of your working life and offers a thoughtful, introspective, yet practical approach to be an effective leader.

Exposing senior leaders to the coaching experience has a flow-on effect of creating a coaching culture within the organisation itself and means that desired organizational behaviours are modelled from the top down.

Practiced leaders or managers can find new ways to approach old challenges, gain further understanding of self and identify new ways to motivate and inspire their team.

New leaders or managers can redefine relationships, effectively move from ‘doing’ to ‘overseeing’ and ensure a positive entrée to the ranks of management.

Providing leadership coaching to transitioning leaders sets high-potentials up for success by providing them with the tools to navigate the challenges and steep learning curve offered by stepping up from Team Member to Manager/Leader within their organisation.

Types of Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching – Leadership coaching develops leadership skills and confidence in the areas of vision and strategy, executive presence, boundary setting, effective communication, managing expectations, building capacity and accountability, managing performance, succession planning and inspiring others.

  • Executive Coaching – being toward the top of an organisation, executives generally have limited access to mentors and coaches within the organisation for advice and guidance on their performance. We work side by side with executive level personnel to help them outperform in their roles and get the best results for their organisations.

  • Performance Coaching – performance coaching is essentially executive coaching for non-executives.  It is ideal for people who want to improve their results or performance at work.  We work with everyone from experienced managers through to people seeking a promotion, new managers and rising talent.

  • Performance Management - Performance coaching is also suitable for people who are struggling in their roles and are on performance management plans

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching realizes a multitude of benefits including (but not limited to):

  • Improvements in effectiveness

  • Improvements in team cohesiveness

  • Increased engagement and improved discretionary effort

  • Improved morale

  • Greater achievement of personal and organisational goals

  • Reduced stress and conflict in the workplace

  • Increased emotional intelligence amongst staff

  • Modelling of desired organizational behaviours from the top down

  • Strengthening of a high performance growth and improvement culture

  • Increased satisfaction and happiness at work

We can help you determine whether our coaching is right for you or your team.  We understand that every individual/organisation has different needs and will develop a plan that meets your needs and budget.

About our Leadership Coaches

Our Leadership Coaches are passionate about supporting and inspiring coaches to take ownership for their actions through thoughtful interrogation, insightful questioning, reframing and challenging leaders to see different perspectives and stretch themselves to push past where they normally falter.

Our Leadership Coaches are all registered members of the International Coaching Federation and have coached clients across small business, SME’s, government and international organisations.