Women in Leadership in Mining & Resources

Raising female economic participation by 25% would add a potential $7.5 trillion to the global GDP and it is well documented that diversified teams have consistently outperformed company average in growth and profitability by as much as 15%.  This is a strong economic argument for diversity and inclusion.

We’re heading to the Women in Mining & Resources Leadership Summit in Perth next week and are delighted to take our leadership coaching to the summit in delivering the Pre-Summit Leadership Workshop.  We welcome any and all women -and men supporting women – in this sector to join us for three days of frank and fierce discussions on inspiring, empowering and diversifying this sector to gain the benefits of a truly diverse workforce.

The conference will be concentrating on discovering the business value of diversity and inclusion, providing opportunities to expand networks, share stories and be inspired by those of others and to meet formal and informal mentors.

Our pre-summit workshop will concentrate on taking a reflective, internal focus on what you bring to your role as a leader within diverse organisations and those moving toward increased diversity.  We’ll be offering an opportunity to reflect on what you do well, where you could improve and offering insights and opportunities to build on the strong foundations you’ve already developed to ensure that every leader is contributing to respectful, inclusive and diverse teams.

Our Leadership Coaching comes from a growth mindset approach where we challenge you to look for ways to improve, be better, identify and develop new skills and take action to continuously improve on your leadership journey to engender teams with a focus on trust, empowerment and collaboration.

Come and share your stories of challenge and success and identify new approaches for authentic engagement in your leadership roles.

Join us at Women in Mining & Resources Leadership Summit and be inspired to do more, be more and bring more into these vital discussions.