Success Story

Cross-Organisation Team Development

Government Client

The Problem:

Client organisation with a highly specialised technical team based across two states was facing issues of poor communication, diminished accountability and siloed behaviours and this was affecting the organisation’s capacity to deliver results.

Planning & Development:

We met with the senior leadership team to conduct a needs analysis and ascertain the key areas of concern at the organisation-wide level. For each identified growth focus area, we pinpointed clear measures for success and began to build an organisation-wide development program.

We also engaged with each team leader to identify team specific concerns and success measures and developed a range of team-specific team development workshop programs to build awareness, attitudes and capabilities.

The Program:

We developed and delivered a bespoke, tiered program which consisted of:

  • Firstly, a whole of business ‘Leadership Excellence’ program to ensure a shared understanding of what constitutes high performance leadership. The program was delivered over one full-day.  This foundational workshop assisted the leadership team to develop understanding and progress skills.  Focus on leading with a growth mindset, developing emotional intelligence and building cross-functional communication.
  • Secondly, we delivered discrete two-day programs for each business unit team. These programs focused on building increased self-awareness and identifying team strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Each discrete program resulted in collective commitments toward positive action.  This was both internally focused to increase internal team productivity and externally to increase cross-functional communication and accountability.

The Results:

The 4-month program delivered increased self-awareness, significantly increased individual, team and organisational accountability and improved cross-functional communication.  This resulted in a whole-of-business commitment to improved outcomes.

While the individual teams dealt with their own specific sets of issues, clear patterns of common behaviours were identified and commitment was made at all levels toward changing behaviours.

The process uncovered areas of further development for the executive leadership team and feedback was provided to promote awareness and improvement in management practices.

Ultimately, the aim of improving communication, increasing accountability and reducing silos was met.