Success Story

Executive Coaching

Resource Industry Client

leadership development coaching

The Problem:

This client was challenged by cultural miscommunication, creating staff issues resulting in unintended discriminatory and bullying claims.

We were approached to provide executive coaching to a senior leader to assist in effecting increased cross-cultural understanding and positive behavioural change.

Planning & Development:

We engaged with the leadership team to conduct a needs analysis.  This process identified the key areas of concern and highlighted the issues which sat at the structural and individual levels. We then constructed an executive coaching program to build increased self-awareness, understanding of cultural differences and develop enhanced communication skills to support improved working relationships, build trust and increase organisational effectiveness. This plan included a supported mediation process.

The Program:

Developed and delivered an individualised executive coaching program which focused on:

  • Triangular discussions (pre and post) to discuss key concerns, obtain commitment to and review impact of change.
  • Increasing understanding of cultural differences and working in alignment with the Australian cultural context.
  • Providing an opportunity to engage in self-reflection and gain greater self-awareness, clarity and focus on strengths and areas for development.
  • Support to set goals for personal change and gain suggestions for follow-up or evaluation.
  • Developing practical tools and techniques for delegating tasks effectively and providing appropriate feedback and performance management.
  • Understanding the principles of respectful communication in the workplace.
  • Learning practical ways to create a respectful culture in the workplace.
  • Offering an independent sounding board and external perspective.
  • Developing practical strategies for personal growth.
  • Reducing personal stress.
  • Increasing engagement and alignment with organisational goals.

The Results:

The program resulted in the leader reporting increased optimism, understanding of, and connection with, colleagues, along with an increase in self-awareness. This significantly increased individual accountability, improved cross-cultural understanding and communication.

The process uncovered systemic issues within the organisation and leadership team. Feedback was delivered to the leadership team to promote continued internal support for the leader and ongoing improvement in management practices.