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Career Development Workshops

Internal Career Development

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The Problem:

Large client undergoing cultural change and a whole of organisation restructure. This restructure opened a multitude of internal opportunities for the workforce, resulting in a large portion of the workforce reaching for growth roles or needing to apply for newly defined roles within the organisation.

We were approached to develop and deliver career development workshops.  The purpose was focused in three key areas.  Firstly, to increase commitment, understanding of and engagement with the new organisational values.  Secondly, supporting staff to understand the new selection process.  Finally, assist staff to develop effective applications and compete effectively in job application processes.

Planning & Development:

We engaged with the training and development team to conduct a needs analysis.  We identified the anticipated needs of staff resulting in developing a program that could be pitched at across all seniority levels with two differentiated programs. We created a targeted, engaging format to facilitate rapid learning and insight, while developing practical skills.

The Program:

We development of a well designed, fit for purpose program.  This was delivered across multiple sessions.  Mode of delivery was face-to-face and online small group workshops.  We delivered a range of self-insight building activities and best practice guidance. The workshops focused on helping participants:

  • Develop an understanding of their personal values and how they shape their thinking and behaviour.
  • Connect their personal values with those of the organisation.
  • Grow their skills and confidence in demonstrating their values in action .
  • Effectively communicate their value proposition.
  • Learn how to construct an effective resume.
  • Prepare for, build confidence, and improve interview performance.

The Results:

Strategic Career Management has delivered 20 career development workshops to over 200 personnel in the space of 12 months, in both face to face and live online formats across all levels of the organisation. Every workshop delivered has received excellent written feedback from participants.  This has resulted in us being repeatedly re-engaged.

Participants have gained a clear understanding of how to respond to the organisational values throughout the selection process as well as increased skills and confidence in developing resumes and preparing for and performing at interviews.

Greater self-awareness around personal values has also delivered a more conscious and authentic alignment with the organisation’s values for all those that have attended the workshops.

“Thank you for a great course. That was honestly one of the best courses I have been on….and at my age I’ve been on a few.”

“Thank you for today. I really enjoyed all that was presented. It gave me a lot of Aha moments.”

“I love the Ignite resources, when I started looking through, I was gobsmacked at how much valuable information and tools were inside. Thank you for this access.”

“It was a very informative course that I will definitely put into practice.”

“The real value of these sessions has been to teach me to tell my stories in a purposeful way”

“Very good, particularly given it was online!”

“Firstly I would just like to let you know how much I have enjoyed the first two sessions. They have provided me with a lot of ideas as to how I will approach my next application process! They have also made me stop and ponder my personal motivators which has been really useful. I intend to try and make full use of the website while I have the chance.”