Transition to the life you want to lead

Are you approaching retirement age or contemplating the next phase of your life?

We dedicate time to plan our careers but don’t spend enough time planning our retirement. We can assist you in identifying your current career needs and requirements, help you make informed decisions and guide you through your journey to retirement.

We’ll help you with the hard questions, including:

  • What goals do I want to achieve?

  • When would I like to retire?

  • What are my options at work moving forward?

  • What do I want my role to look like today and heading towards retirement?

  • What’s beyond the horizon and how will I design my retirement?

    • Community work / volunteering?

    • Part time work?

    • Leisure?

    • Continuous learning?

Planning your transition to retirement is beneficial for both you and your employer! Being open and transparent about retirement helps your employer manage retention of knowledge, development opportunities and role responsibilities.

Get in touch to book your tailored career and retirement advice session.

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