Interview Coaching Perth

Interviews can be daunting.  Faced with the prospect of having to “sell yourself” at interview, many candidates face their interviews with fear. 

If the prospect of answering such questions as “Tell me about yourself?” through to behavioural and situational questioning, is confronting and confusing and has you breaking out in a sweat, Interview Coaching may be just what you need.

Interview skills coaching provides you with expert guidance to improve your interview performance and increase your interview success rate.  Whether it’s an interview for a school leaver, university graduate or executive level role, good preparation is key to your success.

We help you anticipate the questions that will be asked and coach you to respond to behavioural interview questions using the STAR interview response format.  We also help you craft impressive questions to ask in an interview.

Interview Coaching: What is it?

Interview Coaching sessions are unique one-to-one, workshop style, job interview training sessions with a career management expert that provide you with feedback and practical, professional guidance on your interview techniques and performance.  Operating with the utmost integrity, your career coach will be honest with you and offer valuable insights and be a sounding board for all your interviewing questions.  These are things you’re unlikely to get anywhere else. 

As part of your consultation, we help you get clear on your “value proposition” and prepare for interviews so you can put your best self forward with confidence and professionalism and walk out of interviews knowing you did your best. 

Our areas of expertise include:

·       Executive interview coaching

·       Graduate interview coaching

·       Assessment centres

·       Group interviewing

·       Board presentations

·       Government interviews

Video submissions and interviews

What’s included and how it works

One-to-one Consultation

Your consultation will be tailored specifically to your needs and your career coach will work with you before your consultation to get a good understanding of your target roles and interviewing challenges.  Depending on your priorities, topics which may be covered include:

  • Learn how to prepare for interviews and build your confidence

  • Learn how to achieve a positive first impression

  • Develop strategies for overcoming your nerves and build your confidence

  • Understand how to achieve a positive first impression, build a connection with the interviewer and effectively market your skills

  • Practice how to answer common interview questions

  • Get clear on your personal brand, what you have to offer and learn how to articulate this with confidence and clarity

  • Understand and practice how to prepare responses to behavioural-based question

  • Learn how to negotiate and secure a competitive salary package

  • Get feedback on your interview skills and question responses

We provide

  • Specific feedback on how you can improve your interview performance

  • Tailor made interview questions specific to your target role and industry – including lots of behavioural questions

  • Examples of common interview questions (general, behavioural and situational)

  • Sample questions you can ask your interviewers

  • Strategies for overcoming your nerves and build your confidence

You may also wish to book a separate mock-interview to practice your new skills.

It’s well worth the investment.  Contact us to make an appointment with one of our Career Consultants for an Interview Coaching session in our West Perth office.  We also offer this coaching via Skype or Zoom.