Ignite! Your Career with Online Career Counselling

Don’t surf the web for unfiltered information. Access Ignite! 24/7 – it’s your reliable micro-learning resource for all your career related questions

Online Career Guidance: What is it?

Own your career! If you prefer to access your career counselling online, our virtual Career Hub ‘Ignite!’ is designed for you. It’s like having your own designated career coach online and available to you 24/7 at the touch of a button.

Access online career guidance and support at a time that suits you, working at your own pace, dipping in and out on a range of relevant career topics.  Ignite! includes a toolkit to help develop your career knowledge and skills and obtain career success.

Own Your Career!

What’s included?

In the Ignite! toolbox you will find the following online career coaching services:

  • A guided online career development programme with regular reminders and activities to keep you motivated

  • Self-reflection activities

  • Career and psychometric tests and detailed reports which lead you to targeted e-learning

  • Job search tools to help you identify the right job for you, learn how to fill skills gaps, how to apply, interview well and be successful in your new role

  • Guidance on how to build your personal brand

  • Resume & cover letter builders – providing step-by-step assistance in developing a professional resume

  • Interview support via sample questions and a video interview simulator so you can practice, review and improve your interview style

  • Online career planning tools – record your insights, learnings and actions within the program’s planner

  • E-learning modules on a wide range of topics e.g. Exploring career paths, Building your personal brand, Evolving as a Leader, Aiming for promotion and so many more

  • Career advice online via 1,000s of articles, videos and ‘how to’ guides on essential career topics from professional career coaches

  • Opportunity to contact a career advisor online

  • and much, much more….

How does it work?

You can choose the length of your online career training program that suits you, providing you with 24/7 access to relevant, validated and up-to-date career information and tools.

Click here and select your option, make your payment and we’ll send you your log-in details within 12 hours.

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Online support options and prices

1 month - $59.95

3 months - $99.95

6 months - $199.95

12 months - $360.00

Upgrade your subscription at any time.