Team Development Workshops

While it’s important to develop leaders, working from the ground-up within teams, sets that developmental stage early and ensures the best use of “discretionary effort” within your workforce.

What is discretionary effort?  It’s the difference in the level of effort one is capable of bringing to an activity or task (exceeding expectation on timeframes, quality and depth of focus) and the effort required only to get by and make do.  Engaged employees demonstrate a higher discretionary effort than disengaged employees resulting in significant improvement in operational results.  Research conducted by Gallup* shows that, compared with business units with low levels of engagement, highly engaged business units achieve:

  • 41% less absenteeism

  • 17% higher productivity

  • 59% lower staff turnover

  • 20% higher sales

  • 70% fewer safety incidents

  • 40% fewer quality incident

With the aim of harnessing that “discretionary effort”, we develop and deliver a range of engaging and content-rich team development seminars and workshops to provide a launch-pad for engagement, re-engagement and change in your organisation. 

Our team development programs are informative and highly interactive, with an injection of fun and the unexpected, yet precise. 

Our team development programs deliver real results in action and behaviour change.  Participants re-enter the workplace with fresh perspectives, new self-management skills and new approaches to their roles and colleagues.

*  State of the Global Workplace, Gallup, 2017

What our development workshops include:

Team Development workshops are available on a standalone or ‘pick and mix’ basis from our bank of developed material/workshops, or content can be designed and developed to meet your specific business needs and objectives.  Our point of difference is being able to work with you to deliver well-designed team development workshops that are meaningful, relevant and deliver a return on your investment.   

Recent programs have included:

  • High performance leadership

  • Leadership – an interactive, introspective examination of leadership

  • Crucial/difficult conversations

  • Building accountability in teams

  • Leadership at all levels

  • Women in leadership

  • Team Analysis, dynamics and performance

  • Team values and behavioural principles

  • Developing a growth mindset

  • Understanding and developing emotional intelligence

  • Communicating, negotiating and influencing

  • Team building

  • Team development using Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  • Team development using iWAM profiling

  • Career planning

  • Personal branding

  • Retirement planning

What our clients say about our programs

“We partnered with Kendal and Helen to run a one-day workshop on Emotional Intelligence and a Growth Mindset in December 2018. With their combined knowledge and personality, they delivered a workshop that was authentic and genuine. Attendees left the workshop with numerous practical tips, tools and advice to enable both self and professional development. They definitely hit the mark as we had attendees wishing the workshop ran longer. So thank you Kendal and Helen, it was a pleasure working with the both of you!

— Women Leaders Institute

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you [Helen] and Kendal for all of your time and effort in facilitating the team workshop series for [our organisation]. I consider that the workshop series has been very successful and met our goals. I found your professionalism and considered/adaptable approach key to the success of the workshops. You challenged us all to think more laterally and realise that we can all take more action, with less emailing! A key outcome of the workshop series is an action list for each team. Each team has met on these actions and we will continue following up on them. By joining in on some of the workshops and from the senior leaders workshop, I gained valuable insights for my operations role.” 

— Government Client

What our participants say about our courses

“Thank you to both Helen and Kendal for an authentic and genuine workshop.  Well worth attending if you are looking at both self-development and professional development.

— SR

“Well worth attending, everyone will learn something for themselves.

— NP

“Kendal and Helen were always challenging ideas and suggestions (loved that)”

— Participant

“Great to have two facilitators - makes the presentation very dynamic”

— Participant

“Pretty interesting workshop, facilitators were great and the environment was perfect for discussions (valuable).”

— Participant

“It was a great learning opportunity, both in respect of my own skills, but also to learn more about my team members, which I'm sure will improve the way I can work with this team going forward.”

— Participant

What’s included

Whilst we can deliver an off-the-shelf product, our expertise lies in conducting a thorough needs analysis with our client organisations and developing programs that meet your specific needs and ambitions.

How does it work?

Call us to arrange an obligation free consultation to discuss your needs and identify how we can best help you and your team succeed.