Coaching Games for Training, Unexpected Yet Precise.

Points of You is an innovative tool for professional and personal development.  We develop and deliver a range of engaging and content-rich training and workshops utilising this creative training tool to provide a launch-pad for engagement, re-engagement and change in your organisation. 

A cornerstone of the Points of You tool is the interaction between the right brain, the intuitive and emotional half of the brain and the left brain that focuses on logic and analysis.  Simultaneous stimulation of the two brain hemisphere occurs when we look at a photograph with a word a the same time creating deliberate confusion that allows the mind to see new perspectives and gain fresh insight.

Our coaching games and training tools/programs are informative and highly interactive, with an injection of fun and an emphasis on delivering learning on a range of levels; individual, team and organizational. 

Programs are designed to achieve your specific organizational goals beyond the training day and into the workplace, resulting in action and behaviour change. 

Participants re-enter the workplace with new skills, new perspectives on themselves, their roles and their people and renewed sense of energy.

In addition to training, Points of You tool is of significant value in the following activities:

  • Career coaching

  • Leadership and executive coaching and development

  • Leadership seminars & workshops

  • Team workshops

  • Counselling

  • Therapy


Contact us to discuss how a program incorporating the Points of You creative training tool can help your organisation stand out from the crowd.s.