Take charge of your career

Are you feeling frustrated or unsatisfied at work? Want access to verified, high quality career management information and tools? Prefer to work online? Our online Ignite! program will help you get fired up about your career! 

Harness your potential

Identify your needs, skills, capacity and develop your career vision.  Explore and clarify your career ambitions, skills, personality, interests, values and motivators. 

Ignite will provide the tools and resources to help you understand your value at your current workplace, how to have targeted career conversations and take actionable steps in your career.  

Own Your Career!

What’s included?

In the Ignite! toolbox you will find:

  • A guided career development program with regular reminders and activities to keep you motivated

  • Self-reflection activities

  • Career and psychometric assessments and detailed reports which lead you to targeted e-learning

  • Job search tools to help you identify the right job for you, learn how to fill skills gaps, how to apply, interview well and be successful in your new role

  • Resume builders – providing step-by-step assistance in developing a professional resume

  • Interview simulators so you can practice, review and improve your interview style

  • Career planning tools – record your insights, learning and actions within the program’s planner

  • E-learning modules

  • 1000s of articles, videos and ‘how to’ guides on essential career topics

  • and much, much more…..

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1 month - $59.95

3 months - $99.95

6 months - $199.95

12 months - $360.00

Upgrade your subscription at any time.

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